In our latest roundup of recent health and fitness news and advice, we look at why the warm-up, not stretching is key pre-exercise, GPs prescribing yoga, squat technique, how emotions could affect your body and more.


Effects of Foam Rolling, Static Stretching, and Dynamic Stretching During Warm-ups
Warming up is for increasing the synovial fluid in the joints and doesn’t need to be about stretching – the research is showing this more and more.


Jump Training – Plyometrics Progressions For Evidenced Based Performance

Great tips as always from The Prehap Guys.


How Emotions Can Harm Your Body

How emotions can harm your body

An interesting graphic from Health & Alternative Medicine.


The Split Squat, Its Variations, and Why Shin Angle Trumps All
Feel the burn!


12 Reasons Everyone Should Start Growing Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm
Probably only need 1 or 2 reasons, but hey, here’s 12.


What The Headache Reveals About The Health Issues
Could be worth looking at.


GPs should be trained in prescribing yoga and group activities, say GP group

GPs prescribing yoga
It would be about time!